Address: Lunan hi tech chemical industry park, zhuang City, Shandong Province, P.R.China

About us

Shandong Boke Water Treatment Technologies Co., Ltd.  is located in Lunan high-tech chemical industry park in Zaozhuang. It is close to Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Jingtai Expressway and 104 National Highway, with superior geographical position and convenient transportation.

  The company focuses on the R & D, production and technical services of water treatment chemicals, and is committed to becoming a first-class manufacturer of water treatment chemicals and a provider of high quality technical services. The products are divided into 8 large series and more than 100 varieties. The main products include scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, dispersant, chelating agent, bactericidal and algicide, cleaning agent, pre film agent, and special agent for reverse osmosis membrane, from monomer to compound agent. The annual production capacity of the main single agent products HEDP, ATMP, PBTCA and other organic phosphorus series 30000 tons, HPMA, PESA, PAA, AA-AMPS and other polymer series of 20000 tons, 1227, CMIT/MIT, THPS and other fungicides annual capacity of 30000 tons. The products are widely used in industrial circulating water, boiler and heating water, oilfield water injection, urban and industrial sewage treatment and reverse osmosis system, electric power, metallurgy, coking, chemical industry, petroleum, papermaking, electronics, ceramics, printing and dyeing, building materials and other industries.

  Boke water treatment has a strong technical support system, has a deep technical accumulation, has rich experience in field service in the fields of industrial water treatment chemicals, oil field chemicals, and metal surface treatment chemicals. It provides the best efficiency for customers from water quality analysis, formulation optimization, processing to site guidance and other one-stop services. A systematic solution for fruit and maximum cost performance.

  Boke water treatment has been certified by ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system and 18001 occupational health and safety management system, and has obtained NSF certification, Deng Bai's certification and REACH registration.

  Boke water treatment adhering to the mindset, altruism, good virtue business philosophy, and your common development and progress!